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There Is No Place Like Alice Springs

Alice Springs, or just simply “Alice” as its more popularly known, is a town that is the third largest in the Australian state of the Northern Territory. Alice Springs is unique in that it’s situated in the geographic centre of Australia at the southern end of the state and straddles the Todd river, which is […]

Where do You Stay When Travelling in Australia?

As a traveller, whether you are a seasoned one who has been on every airline, been on every bus, swam in every ocean and stayed in the worst accommodation a professional traveller, or a new one who has never before left the confines of their city or town for fear of falling off the edge […]

Who Offers Long Term Accommodation

When visiting Australia, especially from overseas, it is best to take your time. Going to Australia isn’t like if you are in the UK and fancied visiting Continental Europe. There, you can go for maybe two weeks and see enough of what you wanted to see and go back home. With it being down under […]

Travelling to Sydney and Where to Put Your Head Down

The choices are endless when thinking about accommodation options in Sydney. Weighing your options can help you locate the best accommodations for your needs. Youth Hostels These are among the most affordable options. Youth hostels are often centrally located, and you can meet people not just from Australia but from across the globe. Hostels are […]

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