How Extraordinary Is Australia?

Colour has been shown to have a profound effect on people. Once used medicinally, colour is still used by some holistic practitioners in their treatments. Warm colours like red and gold can bring feelings of comfort and passion, while cooler colours like green and blue may be more restful and calming.

If you’re in search of a colourful holiday in a land of astonishing beauty, you need look no further than extraordinary Australia. With intense pigments, lush greenery, and exotic wildlife, Australia does nothing halfway.

The Blue Mountains are surrounded by a fairy-like blue mist, but tucked not far away are the Jenolan Caves. Said to be the former hideaway of outlaw James McKeown, the caves today are brilliantly lit and filled with the sounds of rushing underground rivers and spectacular cave formations.

The big red rock, or Uluru, smack in the centre of Australia is truly an icon. It’s an enormous sandstone formation rich in feldspar, and while it may be naturally grey, the brilliant red from the oxidized iron it contains is what everyone remembers, along with its massive size and spiritual significance.

Golden Fraser Island is located along the coast of Queensland. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Surrounded by vivid, clear turquoise and aquamarine waters, it is home to such diverse wildlife as goanna, kookaburras, swamp wallabies, and dingoes.

The lush jade-coloured rainforests of Tasmania are virtually unspoilt, preserved in World Heritage Sites, reserves, and national park areas. This island state 240 kilometres from the mainland has glittering white beaches, deep mountain gorges, and verdant vineyards.

If you can’t choose just one gorgeous colour, you’re not alone. Kakadu National Park brings together cool emerald vegetation, rushing blue and white waters, red rock cliffs, and stunning views in every direction. Whether you’re on an adventure trip, looking for Aboriginal rock art, or in search of the saltwater crocodile, you’re sure to find something extraordinary in Kakadu National Park.