The Best Place To Live

A recent survey comparing nearly 200 countries has revealed that Australia is the second best place to live. Australia came in far ahead of Britain, which placed at a mere 25. France was the top spot to call home according to the poll. This was the fifth year in a row France managed to snag the coveted number one slot.

The survey touched on a multitude of factors including crime rates, social resources, cost of living and climate. The United Kingdom failed to impress when all the factors were added and considered together. In fact, Britain actually slipped five spots from its ranking last year.

France and Australia, on the other hand, were not surprisingly the top ranked countries. United Kingdom tourists frequently flock to both countries. Although the recession has taken a toll on the travel industry, it has gradually improved, and booking a flight to Perth is as popular as ever, bringing tourists into this unique Australian city located on the banks of the peaceful Swan River.

Perth is known as the most remote capital city in the world. Remote though it may be, tourists in search of rollicking night life will certainly find it in here. However, they can also find beautiful vineyards and orchards, as well as rolling natural Australian bushland, brilliant wildflowers, and pristine beaches. Swim with dolphins, visit cuddly koalas, or go sandboarding: Every day can bring something new in Perth.

Travel and flights from the United Kingdom to Australia can be fairly pricey, and this can often discourage travellers. It shouldn’t. Australia has too much too offer as detailed on travel sites such as Knowing when and how to find the best rates can help you find discounted flights and other deals to reduce your overall costs Steeply discounted tickets are often available during the off season. Shorter trips and inexpensive accommodations can also help you keep your budget within a reasonable limit.