How Much Gold On This Coast?

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

View of Surfers Paradise skyline on board your flight into the Gold Coast.

When you decide to cross the globe to visit Australia, your travel costs are likely to be one of your biggest expenses. Although there are often direct flights to all the capitals and most major cities, when you are headed to more remote locations, there are rarely direct flights available.

If you’re planning a trip to the Gold Coast, you may find it most affordable to fly to Sydney, Melbourne, or one of the other larger cities in the country. From there, you can take domestic flights to Gold Coast. This can dramatically reduce your costs.

Another way to save on your travel expenses is by travelling during the off season. Many times you can find the best deals on flights to Australia during the Australian winter. This falls between the months of May and August. You may be able to save several hundred pounds on your overall airfare costs and even find discounted premium cabins.

During the Australian summer months, airfare tends to skyrocket, and the airways can become quite crowded. Of course, there are other reasons to travel during the winter months as well. During the winter, the Gold Coast has beautiful balmy weather. This also is the best time of year to visit the Gold Coast if you’re interested in whale watching. You can often spot humpback whales and may even see an orca or two.

Summer in the Gold Coast can get extremely hot. Combined with the pricey airfare, many people find it’s just not worth it to travel at this time of year.

If you’re headed to the Gold Coast, a visit to Cairns is certainly in order. Not only is Cairns served by a good airport, its resort has plenty of varied accommodation options from basic hotels to luxurious, boutique properties. From Cairns, you can explore the Great Barrier Reef and all it has to offer.