Where To Find Cheap Australia Domestic Flights

Is it a big island or a small continent? Is it an enormous country or a sparsely populated land just waiting to be explored? Australia really is a little bit of everything. Some people call it the big island, but in reality, it is a small continent, with about 7.6 million square kilometers of land mass. The country is a bit smaller than the continental United States, but its population is fewer than 23 million people. Australia domestic flights are available from all the major airlines in Australia, which can take you anywhere you want to go, Down Under.

All major cities in the Land Down Under have extensive public transportation systems, which include airports, and airline travel is really the only way to go if time is an issue. The distances between many cities are extensive, and some areas are notoriously difficult to travel.

Booking ahead can often be the best way to secure a solid deal on a flight, as you can be assured of getting the seats you want on the flights you want. You will even have more time to shop around for the best deal, sign up for email lists or online groups for advance notice of sales or coupon codes. Booking three to six weeks in advance is ideal for getting the cheapest rates.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to book in advance. Thankfully, you can still get great last-minute flight deals, particularly if you can be flexible in the times you fly and are willing to work on the airline’s schedule rather than your own. If you do wait until the last minute to travel, try an online bidding service, use a booking engine, or shop for package deals that include hotel and airfare in one price. If all else fails, contact the airline directly and request a deal.

However you book your tickets, you are sure to enjoy your trip, whether you head to the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, the desert Alice Springs, distant Perth, or Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.