Your Travel In Australia Can Be Anything You Want

My travel in Australia was like a dream come true. I’d set aside several weeks in order to see some of the most beautiful sights in the country, starting with Kakadu, which is located near Darwin. Kakadu National Park covers 20,000 square kilometres and includes a variety of habitats, including tidal plains and estuaries, flood plains, rocky cliffs, lowlands, woodland areas, hills, and valleys. These diverse landscapes are home to equally diverse wildlife, including birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and insects, many of which are endemic to the area.

The legendary Great Barrier Reef was my next stop. The Great Barrier Reef isn’t just one reef but a system of reefs and islands that stretches along several hundred kilometres. Sea turtles, dolphins, minke whales, dugongs, and tropical fish inhabit its brilliant blue waters. I will never forget how the feeling of snorkelling amongst them.

I then headed towards the Red Centre of Australia and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The iconic red Uluru juts straight up from the flat desert lands in stark contrast to the cloudless blue skies. I began my walk around the rock at dawn, when the monolith was a brilliant crimson. As the sun rose in the sky, it brightened to a burnt orange and then finally lightened to ochre by the time I finished my walk. The guide explained the deep spiritual significance of the place and the Dreamtime myths.

After that, I headed towards Melbourne for some rest and relaxation and booked my flight with Melbourne Flights Accommodation. I visited the Southbank alongside the Yarra River to visit the casino and do some shopping, and then I spent some time in fabulous St. Kilda. Before heading off to Sydney, I took a day trip to Phillip Island. Although the beaches, mangroves, and bush area are all worth a visit, I primarily wanted to see the pretty little fairy penguins, cuddly koalas, and fur seals.

It was then time to head to Sydney. Sydney is one of the most frequently visited cities in Australia, and after my outdoor adventures, I was ready for some urban recreation. After I explored Sydney’s European roots in The Rocks, I spent some time surfing and sunning on Sydney’s world-famous beaches, walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens, and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Before I headed home, I enjoyed an evening at the Opera House, where I started off with a tour through its hallowed halls, followed by tapas and wine in the restaurant, and ended with a show.

Your travel in Australia can be equally amazing. Begin planning your holiday today!