Where Do You Find Cheap 5 Star Hotels In Sydney?

Budget-conscious travellers may not even consider 5 star hotels in Sydney. They may believe a high-end hotel is simply out of their price range. However, a nice room with plenty of amenities and even a few luxuries in a central location at a good price is absolutely doable in the lovely harbour city of Sydney.

Sydney’s five-star hotels tend to be clustered in the CBD and along the waterfront. Lavishly appointed rooms, careful attention to detail, and exceptional customer service allow these hotels to stand out from the pack. Even though these hotels are priced well above the rates of budget hotels, the market is still quite customer friendly. While you may not be able to score a luxury room at a backpacker’s hostel rate, you may be able to find a five-star hotel room at a mid-level hotel price.

Ticket aggregators often list groups of hotel prices so that you can compare and even book directly through the site. However, to get the best prices on five-star hotels, you may need to do a little more digging. Members-only sites, such as vacationist.com and jetsetter.com, help five-star hotels unload unsold rooms without going through traditional aggregators, which often cater to a different clientele. In spite of the name, a members-only site may have few real requirements for membership, with some only requiring your signing up using your email address or requesting an invitation. You may be able to book with such luxurious hotels as The Observatory Hotel in The Rocks or Shangri-La for under $200 a night as early as several months in advance.

Many people prefer to save on such expenses as airfare and accommodations so that they can splurge more on their holiday experiences. For others, the accommodations are as much a part of the experience as the holiday itself. Whether you are seeking a hotel with 24-hour concierge service, beautiful surroundings, fine dining options, or in-house childcare services, you can find what you want at a five-star hotel in Sydney and still stick to your budget.