Connecting Your Travel Plans Through Australia

A flight to Australia from virtually anywhere in the world can take from 20 hours to more than a day. Arriving in Australia is well worth the long flight, however. This is one of the most diverse countries on earth, with lively multicultural cities, snowy mountains, red deserts, lush rainforests, rugged outback, still billabongs and rich vineyards. From Sydney to Darwin and from Brisbane to Canberra, the cities are as diverse as the terrains, with shopping, art, museums, activities and fine dining. The wildlife is exotic, and the scenery is astounding. Your Australia travel connection will take you from place to place without crimping your budget or cramping your style.

Below are 3 Tips…

1. Before you head off on your holiday, make a detailed travel itinerary. This country is filled with exciting places, beautiful beaches and lush resorts, but it is also an enormous country and is nearly as large as the mainland U.S. You could spend years here and still not see everything it has to offer. Knowing where you want to go ahead of time can help you plan the best routes and best ways of getting there.

2. Research your airline tickets, and purchase them at least 21 days ahead of time for the best deals. If you will be travelling within the country, realize that distances between major and capital cities are great. Flying will often be the fastest way to move between cities, but it is not your only option. For a one-of-a-kind view of the countryside, you can also opt for train travel. Rugged adventurers who are up for a road trip may wish to hire a car and drive from city to city.

3. Accommodations are plentiful in Australian cities and include hotels, motels, furnished apartments and more. They are often less available off the beaten path, however. Book your accommodations ahead of time, and research your options if you are planning to spend time in the outback or in the national parks.

Finally, before you leave your home, remember to sort out the formalities of your trip, including travel insurance, visas and passports, credit cards or debit cards, cash, and contact information.