Road Travel in Van Diemen’s Land

The small size of Van Diemen’s Land or Tasmania as it more commanly known makes it convenient to explore by car. The island also has a low population density and little traffic, which makes car travel ideal. Traveling by car is the only way to see all of the memorable natural sights of this island. Be sure to book or locate the Tasmania hire car of your choice when you have decided to visit the Natural State of Australia.

The places that tourists can visit by car include Wineglass Bay on the pristine east coast of the island, which has a reputation for being one of the best beaches in the world. The national parks on the island have much to offer in terms of natural, breathtaking, memorable scenery. Mount Field National Park is located near the center of the island and boasts waterfalls, mountains, and rainforests, and provides opportunities for hiking and picnicking.

In South Bruny National Park visitors can see eucalyptus forests, coastal scenery, and exotic wildlife such as wallabies, penguins, and Tasmanian devils. Mount Wellington, near the city of Hobart, is another important tourist attraction. The mountain features great views of the city and waterways, and a road leading up to the summit is convenient for visitors.

Visiting all of these places in Van Diemen’s Land will result in a memorable trip. So be sure to book a car and travel this beautiful island.