Broome, Australia, Is an Intriguing Place to Visit

Broome, Australia, is an intriguing place to visit. Located in the very western area of the Kimberley region with the Indian Ocean on one side and Roebuck Bay on the other side, Broome is the largest town in Kimberley. It is a beautiful tropical paradise that boasts of white beaches, turquoise waters, cliffs that turn red at sunset, coconut palms, colourful gardens, bustling resorts, and being the last frontier of the Australian Outback. Broome is a location in Australia that is often neglected when people ponder about a visit to or trip in Australia.

Spectacular Cable Beach is nearby and offers parasols on the beach, calm waters for swimming, swim club competitions, the rental of surf and boogie boards, and even camel rides from three different companies! No restaurants are allowed on the beach itself, but there are a few at the top of the dunes. The view is especially magnificent at sunset when the sky colours go from blue to turquoise to pink to purple. There are also a variety of accommodation options in Broome as is outlined on Totally Australia.

Broome is also the world’s Pearling Capital and is influenced by the many Chinese and Japanese who came to this town at the start of the pearling industry. Cultured pearls are still one of Broome’s main industries along with tourism, fishing, and cattle.

A key factor, however, in the success of Broome was Lord Alistair McAlpine, a British aristocrat, who fell in love with the area and invested heavily in developing the town during the 1980s. “Lord Mac’s” residence is now a very stylish adult retreat.

With a local population of less than 15,000, the number swells to more than 45,000 each month in Broome during the tourist season from late May to early September. Visitors flock to the Saturday morning markets held in the gardens of the courthouse, which is a historic building. Another historic attraction is the Sun Picture Theatre which is the oldest open-air operational theatre in the world.