A Change of Pace is Waiting for You in Perth,

Ready for a change of pace? It’s waiting for you in Perth, a five hour nonstop flight from Sydney.

Perth isn’t Sydney, and it doesn’t try to be. The relaxed attitude is evident upon arrival. The domestic airport is smaller, less hurried than most, and simple to navigate. The baggage claim area is on the ground level, close to toilets, kiosks, and car rental counters. Visitor Information desks, prominently situated on the ground level, are manned by helpful staff; someone is available to answer general questions and provide brochures.

One of Perth’s best casual restaurants, the Dome Cafe, has a franchise close to baggage claim. Their flat whites and cappuccinos are excellent; if you need a quick bite, the menu has variety at a good price.

Getting to your destination is easy in Perth. From the airport, a shuttle service runs into the heart of Perth on a regular schedule 7 days a week. Car rentals are available at the airport. (For the best rates, use Bayswater Car Rental, located downtown.)

Because Perth has a well-run public transport system, you may not even need a hired car to get to your hotel Perth city. Buses run free in the CBD, the central train station’s arteries originate in the CBD, and the Swan River ferry can take you from the CBD to the South Perth foreshore in minutes.