Travelling to Sydney and Where to Put Your Head Down

The choices are endless when thinking about accommodation options in Sydney. Weighing your options can help you locate the best accommodations for your needs.

Youth Hostels

These are among the most affordable options. Youth hostels are often centrally located, and you can meet people not just from Australia but from across the globe. Hostels are required to maintain consistent standards according to Hostelling International, and safety and cleanliness inspections are frequent. When you stay in a hostel, you will generally have access to kitchen facilities, TV and Internet lounges and leisure activities. Other amenities may be slim, and privacy comes at a premium, which means that hostels may not be the best choice for many travellers or for longer stays.

Boarding Houses

Boarding houses are another affordable option for visitors to Sydney. Boarding houses in Sydney are strictly regulated and feature some of the comforts of home without a hefty price tag. Many of the people staying in boarding houses include students, recent immigrants and people in transition. You will often have your own private or shared room as well as communal living areas and some meal privileges. Drawbacks include a lack of privacy and only basic amenities. Unlike hostels, boarding houses are more suitable for long-term stays.


Bed-and-breakfasts range widely in price and can be quite affordable or more expensive. You will have your own private room, and your hosts will generally be quite attentive to your needs. Amenities can vary widely but will usually include a home-cooked breakfast and occasionally other meals, WiFi access and a community dining or living area. Privacy is at a premium in these accommodations, and you may have to eat with others or share a bathroom. Walls tend to be thin.

Furnished Apartments

Unlike other accommodations that offer only a room or even a dormitory, a furnished apartment includes complete privacy in the form of your own apartment. Furnished apartments  similar to what you find at include all the comforts of home as well as many amenities such as plasma TVs, DVD players, swimming pools, gyms and secure on-site parking. Furnished apartments are competitively priced specifically for longer stays and can offer you all the features of home. You will also have plenty of space, and because apartments are located all over Sydney, you can choose the exact location you prefer rather than settle for what is available.


Hotels are a common choice for many travellers. Hotels are available to fit virtually any budget, and they often offer a range of amenities that may include on-site dining facilities and swimming pools. However, hotels do have drawbacks. Rooms can be small and feel claustrophobic, and the hotel may lack privacy. Hotels are generally most appropriate for very short-term stays.