Who Offers Long Term Accommodation

When visiting Australia, especially from overseas, it is best to take your time. Going to Australia isn’t like if you are in the UK and fancied visiting Continental Europe. There, you can go for maybe two weeks and see enough of what you wanted to see and go back home.

With it being down under the equator and pretty much far away from any other continent, Australia is isolated, but that’s the beauty of it and the attraction for so many travellers. It’s a continent that’s got a lot of coast, a lot of desert, a lot of jungle, a lot of everything. In short, Australia definitely has something for everyone.

When visiting Australia from some far off distant land, long term accommodation is the best option. Especially if you’re planning to be in Australia for a month or more as it isn’t every day you get to see this country. Hotels might seem like the best option and most will take on guests who want to stay long term but they may charge more the longer you stay. Bed and breakfasts will be the same, as will motels but there is always the option of renting a fully furnished apartment.

These apartments are perfect for long term travellers and the majority are located in the bigger cities of Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the most popular with long term accommodation rentals and tourists as they like to soak up the two cities’ atmosphere and enjoy the tourist attractions that Melbourne and Sydney have to offer.

Sydney is particularly noted for its harbour, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that links the Sydney central business district with the north shore. Having all these attractions makes Sydney a popular place for long term tourists and as such, there are plenty of options when it comes to long term accommodation for visitors. If you look at Sydney’s central business district from the north shore, you are reminded of the Manhattan skyline in New York City. Indeed, Sydney boasts the largest skyline in Australia and its financial centre is extremely important to Australia and the world’s economy.

If you are looking for long term accommodation and apartment rentals in Australia, you will find that the apartments are in prime locations. For instance, there are a few apartments in Sydney’s Bondi Beach area that are perfect for visitors who love to surf, swim or just lay on the beach getting a tan. There are also apartments close to the waterfront that are quiet and secluded, for those who prefer a quiet and peaceful stay. For those who like to listen to the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s city life, then there are perfect studio apartments right in the heart of downtown Sydney that can be rented long term.

These apartments are especially useful for those who prefer the nightlife. Of course, staying in these apartments isn’t free but some are very reasonably priced considering the fact that you might be renting a whole house for a month or more. Prices usually start at six to seven hundred Australian dollars per week, if you are renting a house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the price usually escalates to nine or twelve hundred dollars per week or more. These prices aren’t set in stone, however, and you may be able to find something that suits you for a cheaper rate.

In the grand scheme of things, you won’t regret booking long term accommodation in Australia with the likes of Furnished Properties Pty Ltd or Apartments First, you travelled a long way to get here, so why not enjoy the place for a month or two? There are many experiences to be had if you’re a newcomer down under and the locals are the friendliest and most hospitable you’ll meet. If you’re an Aussie veteran, then you know exactly why you keep coming back to this wonderful continent, the shrimps on the barbie, the atmosphere of the towns and cities, the wildlife and most importantly, the people.