Where do You Stay When Travelling in Australia?

fully furnished apartment in Sydney

Where do you want to stay?
Stay My Place is a great revolution in accommodation.

As a traveller, whether you are a seasoned one who has been on every airline, been on every bus, swam in every ocean and stayed in the worst accommodation a professional traveller, or a new one who has never before left the confines of their city or town for fear of falling off the edge of the world you know the most important thing, besides money, food and water, is Accommodation.

This is especially important when travelling around a large continent such as Europe, America or Australia. It’s this last continent we’re going to look at. Where do you stay when travelling around Australia? It’s a huge place, about the size of the contiguous United States, perhaps even bigger. Will Hotels suffice? Perhaps an Apartment? A Bed and Breakfast? These would seem the most likely choices but if you were on a tight budget then these choices might be expensive if you are factoring in plane tickets and other amenities. Other accommodation options are Hostels. Hostels are cheaper versions of hotels and are a little bit like army barracks as you have an option of sharing a room with strangers. Some Hostels are becoming much more like a hotel, with some even having private rooms and bathrooms, making them almost indistinguishable from a hotel, except for the price.

The prices of some hostels are unbelievably low and in some, you unfortunately get what you pay for. No service, No breakfast, just a key to your room and that is it. You’re on your own. Although some hostels are surprisingly accommodating and will give you first class service for an unbelievably low rate. If you are lucky enough to have many friends in Australia, which is not hard as in Australia as everyone is friendly, you may have a mate who will say “It’s alright, you can stay at my place!” http://staymyplace.com.au/ which will most likely be free and you can be assured of running water and a good meal. Well, maybe.

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Who Offers Long Term Accommodation

furnished living room of apartment

Fully furnished long term accommodation is a good option when travelling to Sydney.

When visiting Australia, especially from overseas, it is best to take your time. Going to Australia isn’t like if you are in the UK and fancied visiting Continental Europe. There, you can go for maybe two weeks and see enough of what you wanted to see and go back home.

With it being down under the equator and pretty much far away from any other continent, Australia is isolated, but that’s the beauty of it and the attraction for so many travellers. It’s a continent that’s got a lot of coast, a lot of desert, a lot of jungle, a lot of everything. In short, Australia definitely has something for everyone.

When visiting Australia from some far off distant land, long term accommodation is the best option. Especially if you’re planning to be in Australia for a month or more as it isn’t every day you get to see this country. Hotels might seem like the best option and most will take on guests who want to stay long term but they may charge more the longer you stay. Bed and breakfasts will be the same, as will motels but there is always the option of renting a fully furnished apartment.

These apartments are perfect for long term travellers and the majority are located in the bigger cities of Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the most popular with long term accommodation rentals and tourists as they like to soak up the two cities’ atmosphere and enjoy the tourist attractions that Melbourne and Sydney have to offer.

Sydney is particularly noted for its harbour, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that links the Sydney central business district with the north shore. Having all these attractions makes Sydney a popular place for long term tourists and as such, there are plenty of options when it comes to long term accommodation for visitors. If you look at Sydney’s central business district from the north shore, you are reminded of the Manhattan skyline in New York City. Indeed, Sydney boasts the largest skyline in Australia and its financial centre is extremely important to Australia and the world’s economy.

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Travelling to Sydney and Where to Put Your Head Down

furnished bedroom in Sydney apartment.

Booking apartments instead of hotels is becoming a popular culture.

The choices are endless when thinking about accommodation options in Sydney. Weighing your options can help you locate the best accommodations for your needs.

Youth Hostels

These are among the most affordable options. Youth hostels are often centrally located, and you can meet people not just from Australia but from across the globe. Hostels are required to maintain consistent standards according to Hostelling International, and safety and cleanliness inspections are frequent. When you stay in a hostel, you will generally have access to kitchen facilities, TV and Internet lounges and leisure activities. Other amenities may be slim, and privacy comes at a premium, which means that hostels may not be the best choice for many travellers or for longer stays.

Boarding Houses

Boarding houses are another affordable option for visitors to Sydney. Boarding houses in Sydney are strictly regulated and feature some of the comforts of home without a hefty price tag. Many of the people staying in boarding houses include students, recent immigrants and people in transition. You will often have your own private or shared room as well as communal living areas and some meal privileges. Drawbacks include a lack of privacy and only basic amenities. Unlike hostels, boarding houses are more suitable for long-term stays.

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After You Have Checked Into Your Melbourne Accommodation

The vast continent of Australia is home to many cosmopolitan coastal cities. In fact, most Australians live along the coastline in cities like Melbourne, the second largest city in the country and the capital of Victoria. Melbourne is a thrilling holiday spot: vibrant, dynamic, and sophisticated. After you’ve checked into your Melbourne accommodation in Australia, there are some things you simply must do during your stay which are explained on http://melbourneflightsaccommodation.com.au/ and what is detailed below.

Many Melburnians are simply sports mad; after all, the city is the unofficial “sports capital of Australia.” Join in the fun by visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground and catch an AFL game. The MCG is one of Australia’s most famous stadiums, having hosted Olympic events, Commonwealth games, and other major sporting events.

The City Circle Tram is another must-do. It’s a free tram that runs in both directions all around Melbourne’s CBD. The trams run every 12 minutes, and you can hop on or off at any of the stops, including Flinders Road Station or LaTrobe. If trams just aren’t your style, try the Melbourne Tour Bus, also free, which stops at different tourist spots along the way, like the Melbourne Museum and Chinatown.

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Where Do You Find Cheap 5 Star Hotels In Sydney?

red car crushed by a big rock in the Rocks area of Sydney

A visit to The Rocks, Sydney in search of 5 star hotels.

Budget-conscious travellers may not even consider 5 star hotels in Sydney. They may believe a high-end hotel is simply out of their price range. However, a nice room with plenty of amenities and even a few luxuries in a central location at a good price is absolutely doable in the lovely harbour city of Sydney.

Sydney’s five-star hotels tend to be clustered in the CBD and along the waterfront. Lavishly appointed rooms, careful attention to detail, and exceptional customer service allow these hotels to stand out from the pack. Even though these hotels are priced well above the rates of budget hotels, the market is still quite customer friendly. While you may not be able to score a luxury room at a backpacker’s hostel rate, you may be able to find a five-star hotel room at a mid-level hotel price.

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Australia Travel Deals and Where To Find Them

If you visit Sydney, plan a visit to the Blue Mountains.

A View From Echo Point, Blue Mountains, N.S.W, Australia

Australia has more than 25,000 kilometres of coastline, brilliant cosmopolitan cities, rugged outback, unique wildlife, and a pleasant climate that can be appealing year round. Although the continent is vast and located on the opposite side of the world, cheap travel in Australia is still entirely possible. Click here for further details. In fact, although most flights into the country land in Sydney, the airports in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are also quite busy.

International airports are located in all the capital cities, and flying tends to be the least expensive way to travel around the country. Public transportation options are readily available within the cities and include buses, shuttle buses, taxis, rental cars, light rails, and trains. Often, travellers will find that booking flights and accommodations together can help them save dramatically on their overall expenses.

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Locating Short Term Corporate Apartments in Sydney

furnished living room of apartment

Fully furnished short term corporate apartments are a good option when travelling to Sydney.

Sydney is a major hub for Australian tourism, bringing millions of eager visitors into the country annually. Although this city is vibrant with a multitude of art and cultural venues, entertainment options, and activities, it is also known as the business capital of Australia, with both domestic and international corporations headquartered there. As such, it draws commercial travellers from across the country and around the world.

Corporate travellers demand a certain degree of comfort as well as affordability. When you are on the road, you deserve a place that feels like home and allows you to be more productive throughout your workday.  Short term corporate apartments in Sydney provide you with a separate living space, fully equipped kitchen facilities, and luxurious bedrooms, allowing them to feel more like home than a standard hotel room.

You will be able to start each day energized and focused after sleeping uninterrupted by hotel staff and other guests. You can return each night ready to relax in your own private space with all the amenities you have come to expect, including access to high-speed Internet, Foxtel cable, and plasma televisions. Not only do we provide high-quality furnishings and amenities, but we also ensure our furnished apartments are competitively priced, allowing you to save on your long-term stays. Less expensive and more comfortable than hotel rooms for stays of a similar length, our apartments can also help you save money on your laundry and dining costs as well.

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The Capital Of Australia Is?

Parliament house in Canberra, Australia

The old Parliament House in Canberra, Australia.

Many visitors to Australia are surprised to learn that the so-called business capital, Sydney, is not the actual capital of the country. In fact, Canberra, is the capital. The city has a storied history that dates back 20,000 years, when Indigenous people first populated the area. Since that time, many others have arrived, and now you too have the option to visit and stay in one of the many cheap hotels in Canberra.

The Commonwealth of Australia was established in 1901, and Parliament immediately began searching for an appropriate capital. They determined that it should be within New South Wales and near Sydney. Canberra was determined to have the best climate, land, and water supply to create a capital city worthy of this fledgling country. A design competition was launched, and a landscape architect won with his stunning ampitheatre design.

Visitors to Canberra today will not want to miss seeing Parliament House, but there is so much more to Canberra than politics. The Australian National Botanical Gardens, which house and cultivate an extensive collection of native plants, call Canberra home. Just a few kilometres from the city’s centre is Namadgi National Park. The park has peaks topping 1,700 metres, Aboriginal rock art, opportunities to abseil and mountain bike, and plenty of other activities and attractions to keep you busy and engaged.

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Hotels In Sydney To Suit Your Budget

Night shot of Sydney CBD

Searching for hotels in Sydney with this view, does not have to be difficult.

Looking for hotels in Sydney, Australia, may feel like an overwhelming proposition. It does not have to be and if you want to find affordable hotels in Sydney, you can. After all, the city has a burgeoning cosmopolitan population of more than four million and is considered a regional and global economic powerhouse.

Sydney as we now know it began humbly enough in the 1700s, when Captain Cook first landed in Botany Bay, and the Australian Gold Rush in the 1800s began to draw visitors by the thousands. Just over 100 years later, Sydney overtook Melbourne in terms of population, and today, visitors have their pick of accommodations when travelling.

Backpackers are often drawn to the affordable youth hostels of Sydney. Sydney has hostels that offer traditional dormitory-style rooms as well as private rooms with Internet access, air conditioning, and access to group laundry facilities to ensure comfort during your stay.

Three- and four-star hotels provide plenty of options for reasonably priced stays within the city and its suburbs, while five-star hotels may be pricier but offer the extra pampering and waterfront views many crave while on holiday.

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Looking For Tasmaina Accommodation Online?

The harbour in Hobart, Tasmania.

The harbour in Hobart, Tasmania.

Tasmania might be the smallest of the Commonwealth of Australia’s states, but it certainly has a lot to offer. This little island off the coast of Victoria has a mild temperate climate and a spectacular landscape. If you are ready for an adventure in what was once known as Van Diemen’s Land, prepare to book after finding a deal for Tasmania hotels now.

The capital city of Hobart is home to many galleries and fine restaurants for you to browse. Stay a while in one of the city’s lodges, guesthouses, inns, motels, or hotels as you explore its fascinating maritime history. Prices range from a very affordable AU$89 for a no-frills three-star hotel to a pricier AU$319 for a luxury five-star hotel with access to a heated indoor pool with its own porter and valet service and easy access to popular attractions.

Visitors to Tasmania can explore at a comfortable, self-directed pace. Self-drive tours via car and campervan are available, and travellers can take advantage of ferry tours as well. The truly intrepid will want to try a Tamar River Cruise, which travels the romantic Tamar Valley and explores fascinating bushranger lore and tales of gold diggers. Launceston offers a range of accommodation options for those enjoying the cruise, from hotels attached to local vineyards to cozy boutique hotels.

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Furnished Properties In Australia

fully furnished apartment in Sydney

Your furnished apartment in Sydney with Furnished Properties.

Sydney as we know it today was born in The Rocks. The Rocks was once an open-air gaol but is now a thriving suburb of cosmopolitan Sydney. As you stroll through its cobbled streets, you can see that in many ways it has become a tourist hub. With just a bit of imagination, though, you can whisk back to a time when sailors took refuge in the quaint stone buildings. You can even stop off for a pint in a pub that looks remarkably unchanged from the early days of The Rocks.

There are many places you are undoubtedly going to want to see while you are in Sydney, but no trip to this beautiful Australian city would be complete without a visit to The Rocks. Instead of staying in the traditional hotel, however, why not try Sydney furnished properties with http://www.furnishedproperties.com.au/

You may well find that a furnished apartment or house can be a far more attractive prospect after a long day of exploring Sydney’s hidden treasures. Privacy, affordability, and the convenience of staying anywhere in the city make a furnished house or apartment an attractive choice for many visitors to Sydney. Why would you stay in a busy, noisy, pricy hotel when you have other options?

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